Born and raised just 20 minutes north of Manhattan in Westchester NY, DJ Eric K has been moving crowds large and small for 20+ years. As early as 7 or 8 years old, he would spend countless hours in front of his uncle’s turntable and large collection of 12” classic disco, funk, R&B and old school hip-hop, listening intently, and reading everything from the labels to the liner notes on the jacket. These early impressions would lead to a passion and boarder line obsession with everything music.

“I wanted to know everything...the history of the artists, the history of the record labels, musicians on the albums, instruments used, recording techniques, social and cultural get the picture!! And this quest continues today. I’m constantly researching and digging for rare and obscure tracks and origins of music sampled by various artists.” -- Eric K

In 1994 DJ Eric K saved up for his first pair of Technics 1200’s and with a lot of guidance from some local seasoned talent (including Top Notch Paul!!), learned the art of beat mixing, scratching and more importantly programming. Learning at an early age that reading the crowd, knowing what to play, and when to play it was, and still is, the most fundamental skill a great DJ should possess. Eric believes that depth and versatility is key; and it is this philosophy that allows him to be comfortable in any situation, in front of any crowd. This is his core competency.

“I’m just as comfortable playing classic disco, 80’s and old school as I am Top 40, hip-hop and current E.D.M. If a track is good and I feel it will move the crowd, I’ll play it. It doesn’t matter what decade or genre it’s from, if it’s commercial or underground etc. Whether it’s a Sweet 16, Wedding, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah, a small pub or a large nightclub, I can adjust. My style is completely open format, so it’s no surprise when one minute I’m playing Rick James and then maybe something by Calvin Harris.” –Eric K

DJ Eric K’s passion, energy and excitement are apparent at every event and rubs off to the crowd. He believes that positivity and fun is infectious, and when he’s having a great time, so is the crowd. At over 1500+ private, bar and nightclub events, time after time Eric has been dubbed the crowd pleaser; offering something for everyone, making everyone feel good and motivating guests through the music and on the mic. From the late ‘90’s to present, he has held several main floor residencies and played guest spots at many tri-state area hotspots.....all while personally doing 100+ private events per year.

“Private event clients love me because I’m not the typical “wedding/mobile” cheesy DJ. I bring nightclub elements while still remaining classy and professional. On the flipside, nightclub/bar owners love my ability to cater to ALL of their patrons; playing a wide range of genres and making everyone feel welcome and important. They know I play for the crowd, not necessarily what I want to hear or what I think the crowd “should” like.” --Eric K

DJ Eric K’s talents expand beyond the turntables and microphone. As a trained keyboard player, he has been involved in numerous remix and post production projects for OH! Music, Nene Musik, Next Plateau, Robbins, and World Cheer. Moreover, he co-produced “Put Your Hand’s Up In The Air” for Bad Boy Joe’s “NYC Underground CD’s” and released the track “Heaven Is A Place” on white label in 2003 with then partner Angelo Fecci.

Currently DJ Eric K is proud to be a member of the Top Notch Music & Events team, Westchester’s premier private event company, providing entertainment to the Tri-State area and beyond. In addition, he runs CrushCrew with fellow Top Notch DJ Just J, K104’s on-air personality Paulie Feva, and DJ Mikey V who recently has held several residencies with Royal Caribbean cruise lines. Together they produce special events and theme nights for the nightclub/bar industry including 4 deck DJ sets, custom lighting and sound reinforcement, LED video wall set-ups and custom media that enhance overall customer experience.

“The key in this business is to NEVER STOP LEARNING! You never know where you’ll find inspiration, technique, ideas and knowledge. I’ve learned a lot from those who have come before me. But sometimes I learn even more from that young aspiring DJ just starting out. The best DJ in the world is probably is in a bedroom somewhere undiscovered.” Respect the industry....Respect the art...Respect each other!!” - -Eric K


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